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The plugin supports developmental features and a way to turn them on and off via the settings UI under Optional or in development features

Feature Name Enabled by Default Stable Description
APPEND_GLOBAL_FILTER true true Creates / Supports tasks with the global filter at end
ENABLE_SQL_QUERY true true Enable the ability to use SQL based queries to find tasks. This new
syntax can be used by annotating the code block with “task-sql” instead of “task”
ENABLE_TEMPLATE_RENDERING false false This is an enhanced form of rendering the query results that
 allows the user full control over the format of the rendered task
 that a query returns. It uses handlebars based templates with
 helpers that ensure the results work with Obsidian removing the need
 for user to know the internals of the Obsidian HTML structure.
ENABLE_ORIGINAL_TASK_REGISTRATION false true This plugin is synced with the original tasks plugin, if you enable this you
 only need to have this plugin installed. This also means the rendering logic will
 work for the original string based queries as well.